Reasons Why You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney

As the debate rages on whether or not you need an attorney for bankruptcy, we gave you reasons why you don't need an attorney so now to be fair to the lawyers we are going to tell you why you need an attorney. The first thing we should say is getting an attorney is a matter of personal preference, we are not here to tell you yes you need one or no you don't need one. Any decisions that need to be made in any and all decisions relating to bankruptcy should b made by you; we are here giving advice not telling you what you need to do

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The first thing when you consider bankruptcy is determine which Chapter you should file. Do your research, but unfortunately the ways some of these descriptions of Chapters are so confusing you still don't know after reading them whether or not they work for you. That is where an attorney comes in; they can take the convoluted way legalese is written and turn it into simply layman's terms. If you have any question regarding any of the definitions of Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13, you can ask right then and there.

You will want to know exactly what the laws are and how they pertain to you. Once you file a Chapter 7 which is liquidation you will need to know exactly what paper work you will need to bring to court, the same as if you filed for Chapter 13 which is reorganization of your debt. You will most likely need billing information and credit information. An attorney will let you know exactly what type of documentation you need.

An attorney can advise you on a stay that comes with your bankruptcy, a brief definition of a stay is a legal procedure that prohibits certain creditors from calling you to collect the money they are due. Your attorney will explain to you that a stay does not apply to all creditors.

All of these subjects we covered, an attorney must explain them to you but if you choose not to have an attorney then a court appointed trustee can explain everything to you as well. Remember hiring an attorney is a matter of preference and if you feel more comfortable having an attorney handle the back end of the bankruptcy rather than you doing it. Keep in mind that bankruptcy attorneys are not cheap and you will pay no less than $ 1000 no matter where you live. Just another thing to consider.

Let's review reasons to get an bankruptcy attorney

1-To explain to you without a doubt in your mind which Chapter of Bankruptcy is right for you.

2-An attorney will advise you on exactly which documentation you will be required to present to the court at your hearing.

3-Your attorney will provide you a list of creditors that can and cannot call you to collect money due to them once you have filed for bankruptcy.

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