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Most of the companies facing financial difficulties turn to a corporate bankruptcy attorney for advice. Making a decision on whether or not to file for a bankruptcy petition is a complicated issue. There are many issues you need to consider such as whether you want to wind up company and liquidate all the assets by filling a bankruptcy petition or whether the management want to stay in business, keep the company assets and reorganize its debt. When an organization or a company needs a corporate bankruptcy attorney, the owners need to be familiar with the law firms that represent business organizations when they are experiencing financial hard times in order to determine which law firm would best represent the needs and interests of the company. Since bankruptcy petitions are among the most complex areas of law across the globe, companies need to hire expert corporate bankruptcy attorney who can help the company find its way through the legal landmines.

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Indeed, when filling the bankruptcy petition, the corporate lawyer is required to deal with tax law, contract law, real estate law and corporate law. If the winding company owns real estate or other assets the importance of hiring a corporate bankruptcy attorney becomes crucial in order to preserve these assets. Once the company has filed for protection under the bankruptcy law, the bankruptcy court administers a legal protection from creditors. Nevertheless, the paperwork for bankruptcy filling must be done properly by corporate bankruptcy attorney so that the court do not refuse to hear the bankruptcy petition, otherwise the company will be left open to more actions from the creditors. During bankruptcies, the company devises a plan to handle its debt while it continue doing business in order to be able to raise revenue and thereby adhere to debt payment plan as agreed to in a court proclamations. Decline in company sales may lead to a business accumulate debts it cannot repay.

A corporate lawyer examines and advises the company on how to approach the court. Corporate lawyer helps the company owners to file emergency bankruptcy in situation where the creditors are harassing them. A corporate lawyer advises the organization he or she represents on how the laws are drafted in the country where the company is located. This is an important part of representation, therefore, a corporate lawyer need to practice in the state or country in which the petition will be filed. The corporate lawyer arranges for a debt adjustment plan to repay the debts that the company can be able to handle with its current financial situation. Some of debts are discharged leaving the company with less financial burden. Hiring a corporate lawyer is a major undertaking which requires careful consideration before taking it.

Advantages of hiring a corporate bankruptcy attorney:
• The corporate bankruptcy attorney is able to assist you with other options to filling a bankruptcy petition such as debt restructuring and financial workouts.
• The corporate bankruptcy attorney handles all the company paperwork and leads the negotiation with the company creditors to find an amicable solution.
• The corporate bankruptcy attorney handles all the harassing phone calls from the company creditors instead of the company managers.
• The corporate bankruptcy attorney handles the company's debt resolution or arrange for debt adjustment or repayment plan thus getting some of the company debt to be reduced or discharged all together.
• Finally the corporate bankruptcy attorney focuses on the legal issues as the company management focus on running the day-to-day affairs of the company; also the attorney is in charge of preparing all the important paperwork and represents the company in the court.

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