How to Hire Business Bankruptcy Attorneys

Business bankruptcy attorneys focus one on of two bankruptcy issues. Either the attorney works for the individual who is declaring bankruptcy or the attorney works for a creditor trying to get payment from a bankrupt business. Either way, it is important to select an experienced counselor who will work to do what is best for you.

Do Your Research

It is best to start with a list of 3-5 business bankruptcy attorneys. Begin by researching your potential attorneys on the web. Pay attention to their list of clients and see if the attorney has worked for a business that is like yours. Ask other people in your business to see if they have heard of this attorney. Contact the state bar association to make sure the attorney is still able to practice.

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Make Your Appointment

In this economic environment, business bankruptcy attorneys should be very busy as bankruptcies are at an all time high. Therefore, a good bankruptcy attorney might not be able to meet with you right away as they are booked dealing with existing bankruptcy. Consider this a good omen. Be suspicious of an attorney who could see you right away. Keep in mind that a good bankruptcy attorney will have a very experienced staff of paralegals and administrative assistants. Do not be surprised if you have to meet with them instead of the attorney to help get the busy work done.

Prepare for Your First Appointment

Before meeting the counselor for the first time it is important to prepare for this first meeting. When you call to make the appointment, ask if the attorney has a list of references from clients, other lawyers and even CPAs. Make sure your potential lawyer does not represent any firm or individual that might result in a conflict of interest. For example, if you are facing bankruptcy and you owe money to Main Street Bank you want to make sure the potential attorney does not represent Main Street Bank.

Hiring a good bankruptcy attorney can be the sole contributing factor to winning your case. Therefore you want to be sure you are hiring a reliable and expert counselor. Be sure to do your homework and get to know the attorney and the attorney's reputation. You want to hire an individual with plenty of experience and expertise.

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