How To Evaluate A Prospective Bankruptcy Attorney

Choosing a bankruptcy attorney can be difficult, because there are so many of them out there. You want the best lawyer possible for your case, one who is experienced and understands the bankruptcy laws intimately. During the initial search for a bankruptcy attorney you will come up with a list of possibilities, and then you have to evaluate each of these and narrow it down to one. This may seem extremely difficult, but when you know what to ask and how to evaluate each bankruptcy attorney the job is much easier, and the end results are generally much more successful. The first thing to look at is did you receive a pre consultation packet, with forms, information, and pages of questions? This is normally done so that all of the needed information is available at the first meeting, and this allows the bankruptcy lawyer to evaluate your case and offer legal advice. Scratch off any law firm or lawyer who does not send out this packet.

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The initial consultation with any bankruptcy lawyer can help you tell a lot about the lawyer and their firm. Are they courteous and helpful? Do they explain everything clearly and take the time to answer all of your questions and concerns? Eliminate any bankruptcy attorney who seems rushed or impatient, because you want your case to get the attention it deserves from the lawyer that you choose, not rushed through so the attorney can take on more cases. Another factor is the experience the bankruptcy attorney has in this area of the law. Does the lawyer or law firm only handle this type of case? How many cases are handled each year with successful results? How many years has the lawyer been practicing bankruptcy law? You want a bankruptcy attorney who is experienced in this area, and already seasoned in the bankruptcy court.

The cost is one factor that many people consider the most important, and this is not usually true. Obviously you do not want to pay more for your bankruptcy lawyer then you have to, but choosing the lowest cost normally gives you the lowest quality as well. It is better to pay a fair and reasonable fee than to pay a low price and experience problems in your case. The legal fee charged will be a factor in your evaluation of each bankruptcy attorney, but it should be weighed together with all of the other important factors as well. Understanding what to look for and how to evaluate each bankruptcy attorney will help you find the right one.

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