5 Reasons Why People Need a Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy laws have evolved over the last several decades into a maze of legal proceedings that affect not only a person's present financial stability, but future financial obligations and responsibilities as well. Using the professional services of a bankruptcy attorney is not only wise in the short run but ensures fairness in the protection of one's assets for years to come.

There are five main reasons why people need a bankruptcy attorney.

1. Protection of Rights
A bankruptcy attorney is trained to protect a client's legal rights and negotiate a fair settlement of assets and debts. It's possible for people who are filing for bankruptcy and who are unrepresented by legal counsel to be taken advantage of in unfair ways. The law provides a level of protection in bankruptcy court that attorneys understand. People who enter into bankruptcy proceedings unrepresented by an attorney may find themselves victimized by unscrupulous creditors.

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2. Ignorance of the Law
Most people who petition for bankruptcy protection have absolutely no idea of how to proceed in filing the necessary paperwork. Courts are highly structured with formidable filing requirements that the average citizen knows nothing about. A good attorney will file the proper paperwork at the right time and for the right reasons.

3. Attorneys Speak the Language of the Court
Words commonly used in legal proceedings have developed specialized definitions that are used solely in the courtroom. When the same word is used outside of the courtroom it may carry an entirely different meaning. Some of the words and terms used during legal proceedings have no common usage on the street in everyday conversation. Hiring a bankruptcy attorney to speak on behalf of the client ensures that the client's best interests are both heard and understood by all parties.

4. Future Financial Damage
Bankruptcies involve not only the possible liquidation of present assets but create even more problems down the road. Attorneys will help clients to minimize the future effects of a bankruptcy as it relates to credit ratings, loans and other financial matters.

5. Fairness
At the heart of bankruptcy proceedings is fairness. People do not intentionally end up in a bankruptcy. An attorney who represents the client's interests will present a case to the court that accurately reflects the facts and explains why the client is there. Creditors understandably want to be paid what they are owed but the days of debtor's prison are long gone. A bankruptcy attorney is qualified to negotiate a fair settlement that will benefit both the client and the creditors.

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