How to Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney

Nobody wants to admit that they have failed financially and can't possibly pay off their debt. But assessing your situation and admitting that you need to file bankruptcy can be a relief - no more stress over due dates, late fees or nasty collections phone calls. You can look forward to a new financial beginning.

Once the difficult decision to file bankruptcy is made, you need to hire and attorney to help you. Hopefully, the pointers listed below will allow you to efficiently find a lawyer that is a good fit for you. When looking for an attorney, consider the following:

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Ensure that any attorney you talk to has experience with your needed type of bankruptcy. Typically people are looking for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy experience, but if you have a business or a farm be sure the lawyer has worked in that area. Laws are changing continually and you don't want to be somebody's "experiment".

Consult with your friends. A referral is an excellent way to meet a good attorney and it is likely that somebody you know can direct you to a competent lawyer.

Be sure to find an attorney that offers a free consultation. Most bankruptcy attorneys will sit down with you for 30 or 60 minutes to discuss your concerns and give an overview of how they would handle your case. Be very candid. If you aren't being totally honest, it can negatively impact your case and cause extra expense and frustration.

Ask who will be handling your case. Many high profile bankruptcy attorneys have their staff do most of the work. This may be acceptable to you but it should not be a secret.

Be sure you know all the details regarding the attorney's fee. Generally, prices are quoted for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies assuming the case is not disputed or needing of additional hearings or court appearances. Be sure to ask what the rates are for work above an beyond the routine bankruptcy. If your bankruptcy is challenged by a creditor or the Trustee wants additional information it can add significant fees to your case. Rates can vary dramatically from attorney to attorney and you can avoid a big surprise by asking about them up front.

Finally, be sure that your gut "is okay" with your attorney. You need to be very comfortable with him or her given the sensitive and personal nature of the job the attorney will be doing for you. Feeling insecure or hesitant can only do harm and cause complications. Keep shopping until you find the right attorney for you.

Tell yourself it is okay - because it is - to file bankruptcy if you are "in too deep". Clean your financial slate and hire a good attorney today.

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