Kumbaya With Your Bankruptcy Attorney

Finally making the decision that filing bankruptcy is in your future is stressful enough, but now you have the task of hiring a bankruptcy attorney. When hiring a bankruptcy attorney you should interview a few of them and see which one clicks with your personality. Finding a professional that you get along with in this stressful time can be of utmost importance. Why add more stress to your situation when you don't have to? After you've consulted a few bankruptcy attorneys and think you have the one that will suit your interests best, check out their references. Being personable is one thing, but if they're not knowledgeable in bankruptcy law then you need to keep looking. Now that you've done your research and found the perfect bankruptcy attorney, you'll want to make sure that you preserve a good working relationship with the attorney because you're going to be dealing with them for a while.

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Filing bankruptcy is a document intensive process and many times can become overwhelming. It's common for a bankruptcy attorney to get frustrated with their clients because of failure to provide proper documentation. When your bankruptcy attorney asked for something, make sure and pay attention because they wouldn't ask for it if they didn't need it. Filling out the bankruptcy forms can many times seem redundant but it's necessary to fill everything out. Leaving sections empty will end up with a phone call from your attorney asking why you left it blank. Although, some of the questions might seem funny to you, this is not the place to start your comedic career.

One big complaint from attorneys is the way that their clients value their property. Individuals filing for bankruptcy sometimes are at both ends of the spectrum with their valuations. On one side, you have the individuals that value their property like they're trying to impress someone by overvaluing it. If the bankruptcy trustee sees the same value that the individual thinks they might just come take it. On the other side of the spectrum, you have individuals that say they own nothing of any value and that's why they didn't list anything. Everybody here in the US owns something, they have clothes, cars and most people even have a cell phone. It might not be worth much, but it's worth something and it needs to be listed. People seem to get it confused thinking that if they list it their going to lose it. That is far from the truth, most people that file Chapter 7 bankruptcy rarely lose any property.

In addition to filling out all the forms for filing bankruptcy, the attorney will ask for proof of income. Don't think your bankruptcy attorney is just being nosy. Filing for bankruptcy is a court case and it needs to be proved as such. You can't just go into court and tell the trustee that you make X amount of dollars without showing proof. In fact, they will also require you to show up to one year of bank statements.

If you want to truly Kumbaya with your bankruptcy attorney, try to gather all the information they ask for and give it to them all at once. As you know, getting stuff piecemeal can be confusing and get very frustrating for your bankruptcy attorney. The last thing you want to do is to upset the person that is helping you get your life back on track. Just remember, you're bankruptcy attorney is on your side and understands that filing bankruptcy can be very stressful for you. Chill out and let them do their job.

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