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Finding a Dallas bankruptcy attorney can be a tantalizing process that requires time and patience. Because the bankruptcy process is stressful and detailed, you need an attorney who knows all of your options and has the ability to communicate with you effectively. It is also important you feel comfortable around the attorney and are able to be truthful with him or her. All of these characteristics make for a good bankruptcy attorney. The hard part is finding someone who fits the bill.

There are several ways to locate a prospective Dallas bankruptcy attorney. You can ask friends, family members, and attorneys you already know and work with. You can also look up attorneys online and in the phonebook. There are literally hundreds of attorneys to choose from. How do you decide which attorney is the best for your bankruptcy?

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Much as in the way employers hire new employees, you should interview prospective attorneys. The interview process allows you an opportunity to learn more about the individual in terms of personality and qualifications. Once you have selected between two and five potential bankruptcy attorneys, take the time to meet with each of them for a consultation. The attorney will tell you a lot during this visit and toward the end of the meeting he or she will likely ask if you have any questions. The following are several key questions you should receive answers to when interviewing a prospective Dallas bankruptcy attorney.

What are your professional qualifications?

This question is asking what makes the attorney qualified for the job. You will want to know what schools the person attended and the degrees and certifications he or she holds. Additionally, how many years of experience does the person have and how many bankruptcy has he or she handled?

What can you do for me?

Bankruptcy cases are all different. Everyone has a different financial situation that requires different solutions. You want to know what the attorney has in mind for your case. If you are trying to save your home from foreclosure, is the attorney equipped to handle the case in this manner?

Is the attorney an effective communicator?

Communication is very important in the bankruptcy process. You need a professional who will take the time to effectively communicate with you.

Is the attorney organized?

Having an organized attorney is important, especially in the bankruptcy process that requires the filing of several different financial forms. There is a lot of data entry that goes into a bankruptcy. An attorney who is organized and thorough is far more likely to get the job done right and in a timely manner.

What does your gut tell you?

Last but not least, listen to your instincts. What is your gut telling you? Is this a person you can trust and want to work with?

By taking the time to ask yourself all of these questions, you make the process of finding a Dallas bankruptcy attorney more efficient. Do not be hasty when it comes to choosing an attorney. All of you hard work and patience will pay off in the long run.

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